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Gabriela Teleman
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St. Gabriel Community Ambulance Trust was founded by Gabriela Teleman to fill the gap between State Ambulance and Private Service Ambulance in order to provide superior professional emergency medical rescue service to the Community.


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" Words cannot begin to express my gratitude to you Ms. Gabriella Teleman, Owner of the St. Gabriel Community Ambulance Trust and founder of St Raphael Health Recovery Clinic, together with your well-abled team of staff. In early January this year, you selflessly heeded to a desperate call from me seeking assistance for a fellow community member in Kuisebmond who suffered from terminal breast cancer. The State institutions refused to attend to her on the premise that her condition was at an advanced stage hence left to die at home. Upon hearing my plea, you summoned me to the St. Raphael Health Recovery Clinic together with the late Ms. Maureen Petrina Kooper, who sadly succumbed to cancer on 18 January 2018. Thank you, Gabriela, for administering medication, observing her for a day and for having given the late Ms. Kooper dignified treatment amidst her pain and weak state. Surely when I returned to collect her from your health facility, she looked so much better, felt stronger and was able to walk on her own. Your team not only administered medication, but treated her like a human being, and that her life mattered (a human quality that greatly lacks in the majority of our state health personnel) Although Ms. Kooper is no more, on behalf of the family, myself and everyone who assisted in making sure she felt loved during the last days of her life on earth, I wish to sincerely thank you and your team for being there every time we called on you for assistance, for being there even on the 17th January 2018 to rush her to the state hospital in Walvis Bay. It was your team at the Hospital that administered treatment while state personnel was present, it was the St. Gabriel Ambulance Oxygen supply that kept her alive, your team checked her blood pressure and ran observation tests on her in our presence. When she was handed over to the state, sadly not long thereafter she died. May her soul rest eternally. My prayer and wish for your organization Gabriela is that you be blessed, may the good Lord enlarge your territory and that of your team. Thank you for the selfless act of kindness to assist the community of Walvis Bay. I forgot to mention that you did all the above at no cost to the family. That is truly commendable and I cannot thank you enough. Please pass my sincere thanks to the paramedics and staff at St Raphael Health Recovery Clinic who attended Ms. Kooper for a job indeed, well done. We are truly grateful for the courtesy and compassion shown to the late Ms. Kooper, and the family during that difficult time. God bless you. "

Cliff Shikuambi
Namport, Executive Assistant to the CEO
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Emergeny Phones

St. Gabriel

Community Ambulance Trust

80 6th Street
P.O.Box 1939
Walvis Bay, Erongo


Gabriela Teleman

Founder & Manager Director

Tel: +264.64.209955
Fax: +264.64.209855
Cel: +264.811.296280


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