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St. Gabriel provides an extensive and diverse palette of services and products, designing to supply solutions to our diverse clients and industries. One call to 085955 gives you peace in the mind. The only questions will be asked is “Where and what happen?”.

Our services are not limited as set out, and we are open to any challenge, ready to acquire new expertise. If we cannot provide the service you need, we’ll gladly assist you to get the solution to your problem.

Our instructors are not sitting behind computers or reading from the books, our instructors are real, coming from the day to day life dealing with the trauma and years of experience.

Medical Training
Events Medical Standby
Emergency Medical Rescue
Diabetic Clinic
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" To all the St Gabriel's staff members this is an appreciation that I'm gladly dedicating to the whole of the St. Gabriel's team. I would like to thank the transport crew for the love and care of their service rendered. Thank you very much for you made it possible to transport me and my baby in a safe and caring manner, that anyone can ever hope for. I wish every last one of the St. Gabriel's team strength and energy to keep up with the good work. Your efforts are highly appreciated and you are definitely a service to be pleased with, especially here in the coast. I will most definitely recommend you to anyone who needs assistance regarding emergency transport. Once more thank you very much. Regards, Ms. M.J. De Klerk "

M.J. De Klerk
-, Client
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