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About Us

St. Gabriel Community Ambulance Trust was founded by Gabriela Teleman to fill the gap between State Ambulance and Private Service Ambulance. Working for so many years in pre-hospital care and reaching towards the very low level of living of the patients did help us to identify the needs of our community. Our life saving skills coming from the day by day field experience make us the best ones to train people on this life saving technique.

St. Gabriel provides health care to patients in need of emergence medical rescue. As part of the healthcare delivery system we believe that our services help maintain a healthy and productive society. We place great emphasis on the compassion and skills of our trained staff, seeking ways to share our professionalism with the community at large.

HIV/AIDS patients are the beneficiaries of a free service, the same for abused women, children and unemployed people.

Our History

St. Gabriel is a non-profit organization and non-Governmental, it has been founded and coordinated by Gabriela Teleman since 2003.

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Our Principles

St. Gabriel focuses on people, human compassion, integrity, trust, diversity, ingenuity, partnerships, the protection of people and the environment.

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Our Vision

St. Gabriel strives to be an organization that engages the human experience of compassion for people as a common thread.

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Our Sponsors

Sponsors that helped us continue our work for the community.

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" To all the St Gabriel's staff members this is an appreciation that I'm gladly dedicating to the whole of the St. Gabriel's team. I would like to thank the transport crew for the love and care of their service rendered. Thank you very much for you made it possible to transport me and my baby in a safe and caring manner, that anyone can ever hope for. I wish every last one of the St. Gabriel's team strength and energy to keep up with the good work. Your efforts are highly appreciated and you are definitely a service to be pleased with, especially here in the coast. I will most definitely recommend you to anyone who needs assistance regarding emergency transport. Once more thank you very much. Regards, Ms. M.J. De Klerk "

M.J. De Klerk
-, Client
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