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Emergency Medical Rescue

St. Gabriel Community Ambulance Trust in our mission to improve the level of Health in our Communities is going out of the way to reach to the deepest level of population to convey the information of Hygiene, Life skills , First Aid and Diabetes.

“Prophylaxis it is better that cure.”

Our services are not limited as set out, and we are open to any challenge, ready to acquire new expertise. If we cannot provide the service you need, we’ll gladly assist you to get the solution to your problem.

Our instructors are not sitting behind computers or reading from the books, our instructors are real, coming from the day to day life dealing with the trauma and years of experience.

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Donation for Bianca's Kinder Garden
Donation for Bianca's Kinder Garden
Gabriela Teleman
Medical Rescue
First Aid Training

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Emergeny Phones
Emergeny Phones

St. Gabriel

Community Ambulance Trust

80 6th Street
P.O.Box 1939
Walvis Bay, Erongo


Gabriela Teleman

Founder & Manager Director

Tel: +264.64.209955
Fax: +264.64.209855
Cel: +264.811.296280


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