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Events Medical Standby

If you want to have a paramedic / ECP (Emergency Care Practitioner) at your next event to assure prompt emergency medical care, we will be at hand in case ay accident occurs.

St. Gabriel also provide demostrations to schools, both public and private, to educate youngsters about proper use of emergency phone numbers and about personal safety.

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Donation for Bianca's Kinder Garden
Emergency support for different Hollywood movies
Medical Rescue
Gabriela Teleman
Emergency support for different Hollywood movies

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Emergeny Phones

St. Gabriel

Community Ambulance Trust

80 6th Street
P.O.Box 1939
Walvis Bay, Erongo


Gabriela Teleman

Founder & Manager Director

Tel: +264.64.209955
Fax: +264.64.209855
Cel: +264.811.296280


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