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Medical Training

We offer medical training for:
  • Basic infant & toddles
  • School sport injuries
  • Domestic First Aid
  • Occupational First Aid

First Aid level 1, level 2, and level 3 are presented on very high standard and the examination is strict. From our First Aid absolvent’s we enroll the ones with aptitude and character to take their knowledge out to those who are in need. Many times we come across young people who are doing training as kind of a job, due to the higher rate of unemployment, but they don’t have what is needed, the love for people and life, the kindness, the care, the dedication, the touch. That is the point where the Life Skill comes in to help them to make the right choice. Doing something what you hate makes you sick and you never can be the best.

To be a Healer is not for everyone. You must choose Love over money; this is the point to go.

After strict selection, we absorb in our team to take them through practical training .If they prove they have what its needed we send them for future training. Many times we sponsor them. We present medical topics to medics, nurses, sisters, etc to keep up to date with all the news in medical field.

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Emergency support for different Hollywood movies
Emergency support for different Hollywood movies

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Emergeny Phones

St. Gabriel

Community Ambulance Trust

80 6th Street
P.O.Box 1939
Walvis Bay, Erongo


Gabriela Teleman

Founder & Manager Director

Tel: +264.64.209955
Fax: +264.64.209855
Cel: +264.811.296280


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