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Past Projects

  1. Marathons as emergency support vehicle
  2. Fish Eagle Rally with Live to Ride MCC as emergency support
  3. Through the Walvis Bay Lions Club to the underprivileged schools and orphanages
  4. Diabetic Screening
  5. Medic coordinator of different Hollywood movies and over 20 Commercials:
  • Adventure at the Skeleton Coast in 1996 (Medic and Actress)
  • Hoof beats in 1998
  • Young Black Stallion 2002
  • Flight of the Phoenix 2003-2004 (Dennis Quaid)
  • Trial 2004
  • 10000 BC in 2006 (Direktor Ronald Emmerich)     
  • The Seven of Daran in 2006
  • Gallowwalker in 2006  (Wesley Snipes)  
  • Women of the Tribe 2007 (BBC England)
  • Ground and Helicopter shots, all the High Risk Shots
  • Nujoma Where others Wavered 

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Our Crew
Gabriela Teleman
Handover Ceremony - AREVA Namibia
Medical Evacuation 2018
Gabriela Teleman
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